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UX Developer, I like building apps with React js, React Native, getting into Node Js, server side stuff (slowly), another techy who likes user-friendly products.

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About this page

This page is where I blog about topics I find interesting, mostly related to Javascript, work experience, ideas and others. I try to write about things I need more grasp at it, by diving into this kind of unknown knowledge, I actually learn quite a bit, hopefully, some others will read it and find it useful as well.

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High order functions

When I was a begginer coder, I once saw a version of fizz buzz that was bit of smoke at the time, looking back, I know get the value from what I saw. High order functions...

Understanding callback functions

Callback functions are a quite powerful and handy way of using code with Javascript.The definition is simple, is a function used..

Understanding React Js lifecycle methods

Understanding Lifecycles methods can be crucial when working with React Js, they have a lot of power when managing states and props, this methods were particularly hard to understand for me in the early days...

Functional programming with the reduce method

Reduce is a Javascript method which has been around for a while, but we still sometimes forget the potential it has to offer, in this post I will go further the classic example...

Must use tools for React Native js

When you are building apps with React Native and have no mobile background experience, you probably need a bit of help to make things easier, being good at Javascript won't be enough ...

Debugging with React Native and Expo

Debugging a mobile app can be a tedious job (it's slow and hard to figure out sometimes) if you compared with the web environment, however, between React Native debugging features and Expo, things are a little bit easier. ...

Exploring some "unknown" Javascript features

Although ES6 was released a while ago, I'm still discovering some small features which I wasn't aware of, some more important than others but they all can improve your quality code ...

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